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Hong Kong Company Documents
Hong Kong Company Documents Companies registered under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance are required to file statutory returns including the annual returns, notifications of change of address of registered office, directors and secretaries and their particulars

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Step 1. Fill in the Application Form and submit the Declaration. All fields with (*) are mandatory. Step 2. Pay the Initial Fee (HK$500) and an optional Prepayment. Step 3. A formal notification of commencement of services will be sent to you via e-mail.

Trade and Industry Department: Certification

Form NAR1 should be dated within 13 months from the date of lodgment of the Factory Registration application. All documents must be properly certified on each and every page by the Companies Registry, a certified public accountant or a solicitor.

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會社設立申請書(Form NNC1)
會社設立申請書(Form NNC1)についての詳細內容をご確認いただけます。その他, 謝謝,政府表格目錄

Online Form Adobe PDF Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Rich Text Format LD e-form 有關「電子表格」的資料 部分表格將支援下列功能: Digital certificate e-Cheque e-Payment iAM Smart 常用政府表格 服務 生活事項 本頁內容對你有幫助嗎
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 · XLS 檔案 · 網頁檢視*Rule 1 applies to e-forms NAR1, NR1, ND2A, ND2B,ND5 and ND7 only. *Rule 2 applies to e-forms NNC1 and NNC1G only 1. Auto fill from item AE59. 2. The currency of the second class of share of the page. For e-Form template user, this field should be 2.

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CR Form is used as a console for compiling commonly used CR forms of NAR1, ND2A, ND4, ND2B, NR1, NSC1, NNC1, NDR1. Commonly used registers, like Register of Company Secretaries, Register of Directors, Register of members, Significant Controllers
香港公司要附周年申報表即NAR1表(整份影本1份) 在臺辦事處代表人如為港澳人士者加附(a.香港居民聲明書b.港澳人士往來內地通行證c. 香港永久居民證)(影本各1份) 在臺辦事處代表人授權書(正本) 在臺辦事處代表人護照(影本) 在臺辦事處設立地址最近一期房屋
Company Secretarial Services
Filing Annual Return Form ( NAR1) to the Companies Registry A Hong Kong company must deliver its annual return NAR1 form to the Companies Registry for registration within 42 days after the anniversary date of the company’s incorporation in that year. It is

Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) Application Form

 · PDF 檔案Note 2: If the applicant is held by corporate shareholder(s), please provide copy of the Annual Return (Form NAR1) of the corporate shareholder(s) showing information of the shareholders up to the ultimate level of natural person(s).


 · XLS 檔案 · 網頁檢視However, if alteration to TPSI e-form data is not allowed, you have to amend the source data and regenerate the e-form for re-submission. For successful reporting of the changes, please ensure the correctness of the TPSI e-form data, especially the CR number and company name of the subject company and the particulars reported therein for identifying an existing officer.


 · XLS 檔案 · 網頁檢視The system will set and display the version date of the e-Form template. CR signature field to protect data pre-filled in the e-Form Validate if this is a CR signature on submission. The value of filling language should be assigned with: 1. ‘E’: for “English”; or 2. ‘C
如何 file Annual return ??
 · 請問如果想自己file annual return (有限公司)是怎樣做的呢? 在那裡索取申請表格及如何填寫?有什麼資料需要提交?是否需要遞交audit report ?要什麼人簽署,政府表格目錄

Online Form Adobe PDF Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Rich Text Format LD e-form 有關「電子表格」的資料 部分表格將支持以下功能: Digital certificate e-Cheque e-Payment iAM Smart 常用政府表格 本頁內容對你有幫助嗎? 歡迎輸入你的意見,會社設立(法人設立)に関するご不明な點は香港會社設立の情報詳細とページをご覧ください。香港會社設立の詳細ページで解決しない場合は香港BSまでお問合せください。


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annual return form
Annual return form (AR01) The paper form is for limited companies in the UK which need to file an annual return. There is a cost of £40 to file CR – Forms – Specified Forms – Details

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