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感興趣的 interested, attracted, eager, keen about more enthusiastic ph. enthusiastic的形容詞比較級 Dr.eye 譯典通片語
Enthusiastic appreciation for something is more than just liking it — it’s loving it. You’re an enthusiastic fan of Italian food if you not only like it, you can’t live without it.
become enthusiastic over a research project 熱衷于某個研究項目 回頁首 例句 enthronization Enthronize enthuse enthusiasm enthusiast enthusiastic enthusiastically enthymeme entice enticement enticing eager, interested Good people do not need laws to tell
Enthusiastic Meaning
What does enthusiastic mean? The definition of enthusiastic is having great excitement or interest in something. (adjective) An example of someone en He first landed at Marseilles, where he received an enthusiastic welcome from the people, but the prince-president refused to allow him to cross France.
enthusiastic (adj.) c. 1600, “pertaining to possession by a deity,” from Greek enthousiastikos “inspired,” from enthousiazein “be possessed or inspired by a god” (see enthusiasm). Meaning “pertaining to irrational delusion in religion” is from 1690s. The main
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Definition of enthusiastic Origin : c.1600, “pertaining to possession by a deity,” from Greek enthousiastikos “inspired,” from enthousiazein (see enthusiasm). Meaning “pertaining to irrational delusion in religion” is from 1690s. The main modern sense, in reference to

Nine Characteristics of Enthusiastic People

Its all about finding your passion and living it out! Get out of this life of misery, do what you like, do what feels good, have faith and start finally living your real life!
an enthusiastic passion for a business or conference 例文帳に追加 ある催しや事業などへの熱心な心 – EDR日英対訳辭書 a state of being enthusiastic about the task at hand but of having no skill for it 例文帳に追加 下手なくせに熱心であること
enthusiastic, 線上商店
東西皆自用 不用贗品請放心 提供完整透明的商品資訊,Be Enthusiastic
enthusiastic (【形容詞】) 意思,收聽「enthusiastic」嘅地道英語發音。包括「enthusiastic」嘅讀音及翻譯。 「enthusiastic」點讀?
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enthusiast: 1 n an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity Synonyms: partisan , partizan Types: show 10 types hide 10 types addict , freak , junkie , junky , nut someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction backslapper someone who demonstrates enthusiastic or excessive cordiality
Hello everyone my name is Dakota or referred as TheEnthusiastic_16 and my goals as a streamer is to spread enthusiasm, keep positivity in our community, provide excellent content, playing with my true supporters, and to be one of the best streamers of all time!
,問題及例句 Fewer Americans agreed that their friends and family “provide them with positive energy every day.” Fewer also said there was a “leader in their life who makes them enthusiastic about the future and that they like what they do each
They are enthusiastic admirers of that movie star. 他們是那位電影明星的狂熱崇拜者。 同義詞 a. 熱心的,即刻挖掘更多enthusiastic線上促銷

14 Ways to Harness the Power of Enthusiasm

Become enthusiastic about these things, regardless of your current station in life. Keep thinking of the time when you’ll be ready to turn these things into reality. 3. Have a plan. Creating a plan will fill you with enthusiasm to get up each day and follow through on

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