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European Elections 2019: a new voting system
This model will improve the comprehensibility of the voting system and provide greater clarity of the issues at stake in the European Parliament elections. The model has found broad consensus among the political parties consulted – only the Republicans have stated their opposition to it.
The French election system under the Fifth Republic is quite different from many others as it encompasses two voting rounds. Far-right candidate Le Pen had been leading the polls for the first
The lower house in the French political system is the National Assembly. This has 577 seats representing single-member constituencies. The 2.5 million French people living abroad have the opportunity to vote in one of 11 constituencies grouping areas of the world together.

A guide to the French government and political system …

 · There is a multi-party system with many different political parties. Politicians from parties on the right may hold views more in line with parties of the left in other countries. In French politics, the term ‘libéral’ tends to mean free-market liberalism – the opposite of ‘’.

Macron to change voting system for EU elections in …

FRANCE is to shake up its voting system for the 2019 European elections to scrap regional areas, which could see eurosceptics clinch seats in the EU. By …
La Poste
La Poste – Colissimo is a leading French postal service that provides mail and courier services throughout France and is home to over 260,000 employees. When the postal giant organised their most recent seminar, they (once again) placed their faith in Angage’s interactive voting system – a solution the company is very familiar with, as they have used our PowerVote voting solution on
E-voting system used in French election is flawed
 · E-voting system used in French election is flawed A recent electronic election in France has proved electronic some voting systems still cannot be trusted not to include fraudulent votes.
Electoral Systems
It is the most common system used in nation-states descended from the British and French Empires, including the United States and Canada. Two Round System: A system identical to the plurality system except that if no winner attains the majority of votes in the initial election a second “runoff” round of voting takes place between the two candidates who received the most votes in the initial round.

French researcher cracks Moscow’s blockchain voting …

French researcher cracks Moscow’s blockchain voting system Aug. 23, 2019 Pierrick Gaudry, a French researcher at Lorraine University, has uncovered a vulnerability in a blockchain-based voting system that Russian officials plan to use for the 2019 Moscow City Duma election on Sept. 14.

What America’s embarrassing election system can …

The problems with the US election system start at the bottom: Each state organizes its own voting, and often elected politicians are in charge of setting up procedures; there’s no single

French Researcher Hacks into Moscow’s New E-Voting …

A French cryptographer has exposed a security flaw in an electronic voting system to be used in this month’s municipal elections in Moscow. The flaw could give hackers access to voters’ choices. Pierrick Gaudry used a standard computer and free software to access the source code being published daily as part of a public test that started in late July.
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French researcher cracks Moscow’s blockchain voting …

The voting system is supposed to go live on 8th September, which gives them a time of less than a month to correct the system. The plan of Moscow authorities is to allow residents of the city to vote through their phones and computer and have their votes recorded cryptographically on …
Voting technology
Voting uses technologies that range from hand-counted paper ballots to electronic voting machines resembling bank ATMs. Until the disputed 2000 presidential election, most voters didn’t give a second thought to how they cast their ballots, but since then, voting …
How French Government works
The Constitution Enacted on 4th October 1958, the Constitution of the Fifth Republic is largely based on the principles set out by General de Gaulle during his famous speech in Bayeux on 16th June 1946: the accountability of the Government to the Parliament

French MPs to vote on ‘anti-separatism’ bill to battle …

 · The French parliament on Tuesday votes on a bill to battle Islamist extremism, which the state argues is needed to bolster the secular system but critics say breaches religious freedom. With an