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 · PDF 檔案Not all MPF members make investment choices INTERNAL Not all members make investment choice for their MPF accounts o wait for DRN in April, then return reply form within 42 days; or o give instructions on how to invest both accrued benefits and future
Forms Reference Sample Download Claim Form for Payment of MPF Accrued Benefits (Benefits) on Grounds of Permanent Departure from Hong Kong / Total Incapacity / Terminal Illness / Small Balance / Death (For Scheme Member) ABD(MEM)-W(O)
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Manulife (International) Limited would like to alert the public to be vigilant about any suspicious phone calls, emails, websites, apps, etc. allegedly related to Manulife. If you have any doubt, please contact us at (852) 2108 1188 or by email at [email protected] for assistance.
【MPF網上直播講座】把握機會 健康財富同時增值 2021年03月12日 BCT獲積金評級金級計劃及多個獎項 2021年03月11日 [MPF網上直播講座] 至fit配搭 理財破格 更多 BCT eConnect 更多 基金價格


 · PDF 檔案2 of 3 HA91 v23/0321 (0321) H k c. e i saeI t PI l the appropriate box. If not specified, your instruction will automatically apply to (1). 請於適當的方格內加上「 」號。如沒有 註明,或所提供 資料有誤,提取部分結餘申請表(自僱人士) IN22 To 致: HSBC Provident Fund
,請聯絡有關受託人。 (i) 有關申索權益的一般查詢

HSBC Hong Kong Commercial Banking

HSBC provides commercial banking solutions such as commercial lending, import & export services and card solutions for SMEs and corporations. Everyday banking Streamline day-to-day finance with HSBC’s business integrated accounts, deposit and investment

SCHEME MEMBER’S REQUEST FOR ACCOUNT CONSOLIDATION FORM (for consolidating multiple personal accounts into …

 · PDF 檔案FORM MPF(S) – P(C) Annex C to IV.3 Version 8.4 – January 2021 Page 5 Explanatory Notes 1. 1. If you do NOT possess a HKID Card, please fill in your name as shown on your passport. 2. Your request for consolidating personal accounts may not be
MPF Employer
You can make MPF contributions through HSBC cheque deposit machines in Hong Kong. Selected locations of the cheque deposit machines also provide 24-hour service that could suit your business needs. Please prepare a crossed cheque payable to “Manulife Provident Funds Trust Company Limited” and write down your sub-scheme number on the back of the cheque * .
 · PDF 檔案第MPF(S) – P(C)號表格 IV.3 附件C 2021 年1 月 – 第8.4 版 第5 頁 註 釋 1. 如你沒有香港身分證,積金局網站沒有相關的網頁。請嘗試按以下方法搜尋網頁﹕ 請確保你所輸入的連結正確,你整合個人帳 戶的申請或不獲處理。你可查閱參與通知,或 擊點

HSBC/Hang Seng Bank MPF Trustee – Carbonik Support

Why configure a MPF Trustee for HSBC/HSB? Your company has a MPF plan with HSBC or Hang Seng Bank. You would like to submit MPF contribution statement in eletronic format after preparing payroll in Backstage. How to configure a MPF Trustee record for

PO Box 73770 Kowloon Central Post O˝ce HSBC MPF Employer Hotline HSBC MPF Member Hotline IN22 HSBC …

 · PDF 檔案2. MPF non-preserved transfers 毋須保存的強積金轉移款項 % HSBC MANDATORY PROVIDENT FUND PARTIAL WITHDRAWAL REQUEST FORM (SELF-EMPLOYED) 滙豐強積金,請填上你在護照上的姓名。 2. 如你沒有提供你選擇的計劃 的名稱或計劃成員帳戶號碼,或 返回上一頁,你的指示將自動適用於第(1)項。 Please make the changes to 請更改下列的資料


 · PDF 檔案1 of 4 HKSAR_HA61 v23/0417 (0417) H To 致: H SBC Provident Fund Trustee (Hong Kong) Limited c/o HSBC Life (International) Limited 滙豐人壽保險(國際)有限公司 PO Box 73770 Kowloon Central Post Office 九龍中央郵政信箱73770號 or place to the MPF


 · PDF 檔案(6) Please send the completed form to Institutional Fund Services – Member Services, HSBC Institutional Trust Services (Asia) Limited, P.O. Box 60499, Tsat Tsz Mui Post Office, Hong Kong. (7) Should you have any questions, please call the Fidelity Retirement Hotline at 2500-1666.
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Please select any one session you would like to attend*: (Session 1) 11 am – 12.30 pm (Session 2) 2 pm – 3.30 pm How did you learn about this seminar*: (You can choose more than one) HSBC platforms (MPF Website, Email, mobile

第MPF(S) W(O)號表格

 · PDF 檔案第MPF(S) – W(O)號表格 IV.4 附件A2 2019 年3 月-第14 版 第2 頁 請注意 響其享有保證的資格。詳情請查閱計劃的要約文件或向有關受託人查詢。 查詢 (h) 如欲查詢帳戶詳情及個別計劃或基金的資料