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Atsushi sluggishly placed the finished product down, tiredly looking to his phone. It was worth waking up ahead of time by two hours, but now he was drained. Maybe he’d stop for a cup of coffee on the way to meet Akutagawa. Yes, he was meeting up with him right before he went to work. How else would he give him the bento he made for him? The boy sighed, going to the bathroom to tidy up while
Another day of working at Starbucks, another batch of regular customers. Ukai made it a point to be the barista that always remembers the regulars by their names.”White chocolate mocha for Kuroo-san!””Dark roast for Ushijima-san!””Caramel frappuccino for Oikawa-san!”This was the day by day, but there was always the black sheep in the herd.”Welcome to Starbucks, can I ta
Yandere-Chan x Senpai
Senpai let me drink a little bit of his Coke because I’m a fast drinker and I was to lazy to refill my drink. The funny thing was that we technically kissed because Senpai took a drink …
Japanese Conversation
Koohii o kudasai Kudasai literally means “please give me”. This is commonly used when ordering a dish or a drink, or when buying something at a store. Koohii o kudasai means “May I have (a cup of) coffee, please?”. O is a particle which follows the object in a sentence and therefore is called the object marker.
Call Me Senpai
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Senpai Mole answers kids’ questions, but is kind of a jerk …

 · “Senpai Mole’s really easy to piss off.” “Senpai, scold me.” “I like the tsundere type like Senpai Mole. I bet he’s nice to older ladies who ask questions.” “I wanna be like that mole.” Yes, with his no-nonsense attitude and cute little sunglasses it’s hard not to love
Kyle Baker
Wild Wings, FML, Wawa, If you ask me to hold your drink, I will drink it., Nigga You Gay., pissing outside, Starburst, Starbucks, We’re Here to Start Something, Slow drivers make my blood boil!!!, “I wish i could bake a cake made out of rainbows and
Hot Vending Machines
Any visitor to Japan will immediately see that there are vending machines of all kinds everywhere. Not just sodas, but beer, cigarettes, batteries, condoms, and, especially, coffee. Canned coffees are everywhere.But a visitor who travels on the highway is certain to
Jacky’sLittleSally’s Jrock/Visual Kei Fanfictions
Long Time No See, Senpai – Zin (Jupiter) (For Anon! ~JLS) [[MORE]]You stretch as you stand from your desk in your English 101 class, gathering your books and papers up then
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A Tokyo host club can be a great place for a GUY to …

 · Yuya: “Should I get you a drink menu then, so you can make the selections?” Mr. Sato: Naw, I don’t really like to get into those nitty gritty details. Instead, could you jut let me know when our tab gets up to about 30,000 yen [US$270]? That’s what my budget is.

I Bought The First 5 Things Insta Celebs Recommended …

I’ve always wondered what the products were like from Instagram celebrities’ sponsored posts – so I decided to take on the Fit Teas, Sugar Bear Hairs, and Wa
10 Anime With Real-life Locations in Japan!
 · For the anime fan, there’s nothing more thrilling than finding a scene from your favorite series in real life! Luckily, Japan is full of real-life locations used as anime settings just waiting to be discovered! While there are hundreds to choose from, we’ve selected 10 anime
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Starbucks Sucks at Names (but sometimes its for the …

Notes: this fic isnt the best one ive ever written but i generally enjoyed it lol also not edited but when do I ever do that before posting a fic My New Twitter come talk to me i really do like talking to you guys and i post about nct and my daily life and yea… please My CC ask me questions i love answering them i also like when people just give me ideas for fic or are just soft just leave
As I sip my drink I suddenly spot Ransom Riggs! OMG ITS MY SENPAI!!!!! He walks over to me and my kokoro is doki doki-ing so hard because I luv him so much. “Hello there,” he says to me. “I love ur kawaii bows so much you look so Thank you Mr. Riggs