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參考價未定。圖片提供/URWERK記者馮亦寧/臺北報導URWERK UR-1001 Zeit Device桌鐘,UR-210,再到最近宣傳《復仇者聯盟,終局之戰》時手中佩戴的UR-111C Black,參考價未定。圖片提供/URWERK來自
Urwerk UR-CC1 Cobra White Gold DLC Unique Piece 詢問價格 免費送貨 專業經銷商 18 UK Urwerk 103.09 Targa NT$ 1,342,502 專業經銷商 50 FR Urwerk UR-105 CT Streamliner NT$ 1,531,829 專業經銷商 144 CH Urwerk UR-210 Black Hawk UR210Y
鋼鐵人新寵,而URWERK就是其中之一。繼去年的UR-110,URWERK UR-110 ZrN Torpedo Champagne Supernova Watch - Unfinished ManUnfinished Man
URWERK now showcases its fine-finishing savoir-faire with two platinum-bezel limited editions of the UR-110. Two models finished in two different ways, with two contrasting characters. The UR-UR-110PT and 110PTH – a pair of mechanical masterpieces crafted from platinum, that noblest of metals, and embellished by skillful human hands.
感覺很厲害的手錶Urwerk UR-110
 · 感覺很厲害的手錶Urwerk UR-110 – 這種應該不會有a貨了吧!!!就算a貨都能買喔~光看到那機械結構就覺得漂亮且神奇!!有大大知道這錶的歷史與背景?(腕錶綜合討論 第1頁)
Urwerk UR-110 Torpedo
Urwerk is one of the manufacturers of haute horlogerie with the most futuristic timepieces you will find today. This manufacture from Geneva, lead by Baumgartner and Frei, introduces the UR-110 Torpedo timepiece. Or better yet, timemachine. Having seen a few in
【流行消費】魚雷錶尬桌鐘 URWERK驚喜創意
URWERK UR-110魚雷腕錶,UR-110 以及 CC-1 Cobra 等經典型號而聞名的日內瓦腕錶廠商 Urwerk 日前正式為最新款 UR-105M 腕
Urwerk UR-210 Watch Hands-On
The last new Urwerk watch before the UR-210 was the UR-110 (which we covered hands-on here). They called the UR-110 the “Torpedo” and it was an interesting but visually strange watch with odd dimensions.
Hands-On: Urwerk UR-100 Gunmetal
Last year Urwerk launched the UR-100 SpaceTime, a watch that installed the brand’s signature wandering hours satellite display in newly designed watch case. Unsurprisingly the UR-100 SpaceTime became a brisk seller, not only because it is the most affordable model in the catalogue, but also because its case is compact and relatively conventional in shape, making it the most wearable Urwerk
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The UR-110 RG is one option, consisting of a red gold bezel and black titanium internal components. Another option in this line from Urwerk is the UR-110 PT, which has a platinum bezel instead of the red gold on the UR-110 RG. Like the 103 Collection, the

Robert Downey Jr. Sports the Urwerk UR-110 in …

The face of Iron Man for almost a decade, Robert Downey Jr. has a compact but diverse watch collection, but in Spider-Man Homecoming his Tony Stark character has on the UR-110 RG.Produced by Swiss watchmaker Urwerk, which specialises in mechanical timepieces with ingenious, avant-garde mechanics, the UR-110 RG is a striking watch with a revolving satellite cube time display and a red gold
URWERK UR-110 Hands-On Video and Wristshots
“The UR-110 continues URWERK’s radical tradition of telling the time using orbiting satellite complications. In the UR-110, the time is always shown on the right side of the watch.” -Urwerk “The satellites follow a vertical line, graded from 0 to 60 minutes, in a
Urwerk UR-103
現在就比較Urwerk UR-103手錶。探索所有在Chrono24上的 Urwerk UR-103商品。眾多選擇 安全購買 UR-105 UR-110 UR-201 UR-202 UR-210 其他標準 錶殼物料 白金 玫瑰金 青銅 紅金 陶瓷 黃金 塑料 鉑 碳 …
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Urwerk UR-110 limited edition 47.049 € Privatverkäufer HK Urwerk UR-105 TA 43.214 € Gewerblicher Händler 144 CH Urwerk UR-105 CT Streamliner Iron 55.873 € Gewerblicher Händler 552 US Urwerk Tarantula UR-103T 18K Rose Gold Watch Preowned-103T
3 min. Concept, 3D modeling and rendering, postproduction and special effects of a product movie for the Swiss Watch Manufacture.
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Replica Urwerk UR-110 AlTiN-Coated Steel Watch $325.00 Replica Urwerk UR-110 Torpedo The Hour Glass Black DLC Titanium Watch $325.00 Replica Urwerk UR-103T Red Gold Watch $320.00 Replica Urwerk UR-110 PTH Black DLC Titanium and Black $325
Urwerk UR-105M 腕錶
Urwerk UR-105M 腕錶: 以其標誌性的衛星系統技術和 EMC,URWERK UR-111C Black
鋼鐵人小勞勃道尼(Robert Downey Jr)手中總是被拍到造型奇特的腕錶